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A Four Point Inspection is now required when obtaining a new homeowners insurance policy or renewing an existing policy if the home is 30 years old or older.  This 4-point insurance inspection includes a limited-scope evaluation of the following four systems.

(1) Roofing: Checks are made on the age, installation, general condition, type of materials used and life expectancy left.

(2) Electrical: Checks are made on the age, installation, general condition and life expectancy left.

(3) Heating-air conditioning: Checked for age, installation, general condition, type and life expectancy left.

(4) Plumbing: Checked for age, installation, leaks, type, hot water heater, type and life expectancy left.

The focus of the inspection is to determine the approximate age and condition of the components as well as  assess the remaining life expectancy of the materials/components and systems.  Note: this type of insurance inspection should not be confused with a “standard home inspection” which is more comprehensive in regards to both detail and scope. This is a specific report/form for insurance companies.

Insurance Company requirement for Four Point Inspection

The Insurance company will require that the inspections be performed by a qualified person.  All of our 4-point inspections are performed with the ASHI form by a Florida State ASHI Certified Inspector.

Of course, there are many insurance companies and inspection requirements can vary and change at any time. You should consult with your insurance provider concerning any specific requirements. See inspector licenses and qualifications by clicking here.

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Any Guarantees with this service?

Guarantees. Who can Guarantee the forms enable me to be approved for insurance?

NO ONE! Please be clear, we are not employed by Insurance companies, and cannot guarantee any aspect of the inspection, including but not limited to: INSURABILITY, UNDERWRITING, NEED FOR ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATION OR INSPECTIONS SUBSEQUENT TO INITIAL INSPECTION, WORK TO BE PERFORMED FOLLOWING INSPECTION, Etc..

Wind Mitigation

Note: A wind mitigation can be performed at the same time to save you on your insurance premium and the cost of your four point inspection, click here to find out more.

Whats the price?

$100 with home inspection service. Click here to see other services and prices.

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