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Seawall Inspection Florida

A seawall inspection can be added to a home inspection and since a seawall or shoreline is your first line of defense when a storm hits, it should not be overlooked.  Unfortunately, seawalls are not commonly covered through a home owners insurance policy even though they are often the most crucial structure when it comes to protecting waterfront property.  Ensuring that your seawall is in good and stable condition is one of the best ways to protect your real estate.

Many of the seawalls in Florida are nearing the end of their service life and as a result of the corrosive waterfront environment many of these older seawalls are in need of repair or major reconstruction, which can be very expensive.

All sea wall inspections consist of at water and above observations. No underwater cameras are used. It’s best to try to schedule your inspection at low tide. We feel that the owner or potential owner should have the most information possible from an unbiased qualified professional to make the right decision regarding near term and long-term maintenance of their seawall. Your seawall Inspection and assessment report will include the following information:

Overall Seawall Condition Assessment
High resolution photos at several angles
Determination of any issue that need to be addressed
Recommendations for repairs and/or maintenance
Review of environmental issues such as runoff

There are several types of materials used for sea walls and bulkheads and each of which poses its own maintenance issues. Therefore, it is important to have your seawall or bulkhead inspected by an expert: We inspect the following:


Seawall Dock Inspection Tampa Bay

In many cases a dock inspection will be conducted at the same time a seawall inspection is performed. The dock inspection covers several areas. Our inspections are performed above the water line that can be viewed. The Dock Inspection Report section will include the following information:

Assessment of all pertinent structural members such as pilings, stringers, cross-members and decking hardware
Above water line high resolution photos
Determination of any issues that need attention
Operation of lifts & Davits
Inspection of any electrical and water supplies

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