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6 Tips to Choosing Kitchen Lighting

Are you thinking about upgrading your kitchen this year? Does the thought seem daunting? Here are some ways to put the spotlight on your kitchen’s design that will enhance its features and style.

Your kitchen lighting has a big impact on both the functionality and the overall feel of the room. Whether you’re going for a vintage farmhouse feel or an ultra-modern design, here are six tips for choosing kitchen lighting to create the effect you want.

updating kitchen lighting

1. Consider Your Existing Kitchen Layout

The specific layout and design of your kitchen affect the type of lighting you need. Tall ceilings and dark walls or cabinets may require more light than compact kitchens with light-colored decor. White countertops reflect light, so you can use lower-wattage bulbs while still maintaining a bright, airy feel. A series of pendant lights make a kitchen island or peninsula stand out, and a walk-in pantry needs bright lights that let you see items in the back.

2. Think In Layers

Different areas of your kitchen need different types of lighting. Layering can help you balance efficient illumination and eye-catching style. Start with the overall ambient room lighting, then add task lighting at strategic points throughout the kitchen. Accent lighting and decorative fixtures, such as track lighting and recessed lights, provide visual depth to your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting brightens your food preparation area, and cabinet lighting focuses attention on decorative pieces displayed behind a glass cabinet door.

3. Use The Right Bulbs

Bulb colors range from cool white to yellowish, and the color you choose defines the mood of your kitchen. Soft white bulbs give your kitchen a warm look and bring out orange or red tones, making them ideal for ambient kitchen lighting. Cool white bulbs and daylight bulbs produce crisp, bright illumination, making them good for task lights near your stove, sink, or food preparation area. Energy-efficient LED or fluorescent bulbs are a modern alternative to incandescent lights.

4. Work With Natural Lighting

When you’re considering where to place lights in your kitchen, don’t forget about the natural light that comes in from your kitchen windows. Simple lighting near your windows that matches the warmth of natural light can help you maintain a consistent look from day to night, while strategically placed curtains can prevent natural light from washing out dramatic decorative lighting across the room.

5. Give Your Kitchen Some Personality

Lighting isn’t just about functional illumination. It also shows off your design personality. Colorful metal shades on pendant lights can add a whimsical look to your kitchen, while dramatic monorail lighting systems work well with a modern design theme. For a vintage kitchen, Edison light bulbs in cage-style shades enhance the retro feel of your food preparation area.

6. Go High-Tech For Convenience

Consider taking advantage of modern technology that makes kitchen lighting more useful, efficient and convenient. Dimmable lights are a simple way to control ambient light levels with just the touch of a switch. Motion-sensing lights that shut off once you leave the area help conserve energy and ensure that specific areas light up exactly when you need extra illumination. Light timers handle the shift from day to night without any extra effort on your part, and lighting that is integrated into a smart home system can be programmed to your preferences.

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