Preferred Vendors

 AAA Advanced Home Inspections Inc.  Preferred Vendors List

As a new homeowner or an experienced one, there is one thing that is certain, eventually there will come a need preferred vendorsfor some type of home repair or service.  

For all of your home repairs and improvements, AAA Advanced Home Inspections takes pride in referring top-quality, professionals and service providers for your convenience and peace of mind.

Feel free to click on the links below and contact any of the providers listed.  Be sure and tell them that you were referred by AAA Advanced Home Inspections.  However, we make no service guarantee related to the companies listed, so please use at your own risk.

Air Quality Testing                 Heating & Air                                 Pet/Home Services
Alarm & Security                    Insulation                                       Plumbing
Carpet & Flooring                  Interior Decorating                       Pools
Chimney Cleaning                 Irrigation                                         Radon Testing
Chinese Drywall Testing       Kitchen/Bath                                  Repairs/Remodeling
Custom Cable                         Lawn & Landscaping                    Roofing
Dentist                                     Locks & Keys                                  Screen Rooms
Docks                                       Mortgage                                        Septic
Electrical                                  Mold/Fire/Water Remediation    Solar
Environmental Testing          Mold Testing                                  Storage Tank, Testing, removal
Fencing                                     Movers                                           Tree Brush Removal
Foundations                            Older Home Parts                         Water Testing
Garage Doors & Openers     Painting                                           Windows & Doors
Handyman Services               Patios & Driveways                       Window Treatments

Window and Sliding Door Repairs         House Cleaning                            Tree Service
Great Scott Window Service Inc.                Karen Flander’s Cleaning Svc.      J&K Tree Service & Home Repair
727 743-2539                                                727-455-1217                                  John 727-320-3455                  Connie Richards

R.B.’s Unlimited Creations Handyman
Robert Burger 727 518-5348

Doors and Windows                                 Homecare Services
Home Excel                                                 

723-8700                                                     727 776-3913
Daniel Provenzano                                      Jane Provenzano

Termite Inspection Companies              Mold Remediation                      Computers
Swat Exterminating                                      Scott – Lightning Restoration      Drew Santo
727 462-2847                                                813-885-7464                                 727 421-1226
Couch’s Pest Control
Safety Harbor: 727-725-4757                     Household Moving
St. Petersburg: 727-321-6700                     Woody and Sons
Impact Pest Control                                     727-935-4302

Water Testing/WellTesting

Contact Heather Pye
727 848-2591
Utilities Pinellas County                   Utilities Pasco County                     Utilities Hillsborough County
Electric – Duke Energy                          Electric – Duke Energy                        Electric – Tampa Electric co.
727-443-2641                                        800-700-8744                                       813-223-0800
Gas/TECO People’s Gas                       Gas / TECO People’s Gas                    Gas / TECO People’s Gas
727-826-333                                          877-832-6747                                       813-275-3700
Telephone/Verizon                              Telephone/Verizon                              Heritage Propane
800-483-4000                                        800-483-4000                                       813-626-9111
Water/Sewer                                         Pasco County Utilities                         FL Gas & Elec.
Pinellas County Utilities                  727-847-8131                                       813-996-0019
727-464-4000                                        800-368-4274                                      Telephone/Verizon

Building Dept / Zoning Dept
Clearwater Building Dept.          727-464-3888
Clearwater Zoning Dept             727-562-4604
Dunedin Building Dept.              727-298-3194
Oldsmar Building Dept.              813-749-1126
Pinellas County Zoning Dept.     727-464-3401
Safety Harbor Building Dept.     727-724-1555
Tarpon Springs Building Dept.   727-942-5617

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