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AAA Advanced Home Inspections, Inc. is a leading provider of drone-based imaging solutions for the home inspection industry. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality images up to 6K. Inspections of construction sites, telecom towers, bridges, pipelines, and residential homes have become increasingly needed. Your home’s roof is the hardest hit by weather conditions all year round and what shields your home from above.  Having a roof in great condition is important and will save you from energy waste and result in lower monthly bills.  With our drone capability we can provide a comprehensive roof inspection without damaging any of the roofing materials like clay tiles, slate roofs, old worn slippery roofing, or even metal roofs which shouldn’t be walked on as well as solar panels that are installed. Newer constructed homes have steeper roof pitches due to the footprint of the home and are built higher making it unsafe or not reachable for the inspector. This service is included with home inspections on an as needed bases with no cost to you.

Our building and home inspectors are fully trained, qualified, and insured with a commercial license by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform drone inspections of your property. Our inspectors have successfully completed all necessary coursework and paperwork to obtain their Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC).

What are the benefits of using drone photography for roof inspections?

  • Provides safe roof inspections – Complex designs, great heights, deteriorated roofs and structures, as well as hard to access areas which can pose several risks to the workers, occupants of a building and those people around it. Collecting the data without putting the lives of the workers at risk is just one of the major benefits of using the drones to inspect a wide range of properties.
  • Ability to collect in-depth data – The drones can access almost any part of the building and collect more useful information using its high-quality image & video cameras. Even though there is still a requirement for the human expertise, a drone-based building inspection is faster, more efficient, and accurate.

One major area that is revolutionizing home inspections is the emergence of drone technology. Never, have home inspectors been able to inspect and photograph dangerous, unsafe, non-walkable roofs with the closeness and detail that is possible with drones. Our state-of-the-art drones are high resolution camera & video equipped, allowing high-quality images and videos of rooftops and other hard-to reach detail areas of the property with “ZOOM IN” capability. These images record the close-up details of a roof far better than the human eye could ever capture. Drones get a great close-up view of roof conditions such as leak areas, punctures, blow-offs, repaired areas, billowing, ponding water areas, improper repairs, shrinkage, blistering, hail damage, wind damage, algae, mold, age, wear and much…much more.


*Note: It is illegal for anyone to operate a drone for home and commercial roof inspection purposes unless they hold a current FAA Part 107 Un-Maned Aircraft License for commercial drone operation, and they must be fully insured. Anyone who engages in this activity without being fully licensed by the FAA and commercially insured is engaging in an illegal and reportable offense. Using someone who is not fully licensed, and insured can subject you to personal liability.

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