Using an Inspection Report

Seven Ways to Use a Home Inspection Report


1. Buyers can consider the reported conditions of the home’s Home Inspection Reports
systems helping them to determine if they’re able to afford and maintain the property.  A home needing costly repairs such as a new roof may not be an affordable option to someone with a tight budget.

2. An inspection report that includes information regarding undisclosed defects might enable the buyers to negotiate for a better asking price or negotiate with the seller to make the repair.

3. If you’re selling a home you can obtain a home inspection and provide it to the potential buyers to disclose any known defects or you can fix the issues so there will be no problems at the buyers inspection.

4. A Seller can obtain a home inspection and use the report to identify and correct any issues that could interfere with a buyer’s desire to submit a contract to purchase the property.

5. Buyers can use the inspection report as a to-do list for repairing, updating, or maintaining the property after the purchase.

6. Buyers and Sellers can use the report to communicate with contractors so to obtain accurate estimates for repair or to arrange for repairs or replacements.

7.  If it becomes necessary buyers can sometimes use the inspection report to withdraw from the contracted agreement to purchase the home when certain types of undisclosed defects are reported.

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