Laundry Room

Utility rooms, multipurpose rooms or laundry rooms, used to be tucked away in an unseen corner of the house, or a dark basement if that was possible. Today, rooms for washing and drying clothes, are moving in to more high-traffic areas, including, in some cases, the master bedroom closet.

Having a utility room closer to the kitchen or bedrooms is a convenience and means that whoever’s job it is to do the laundry can be multitasking with the family instead of being a world and a flight of stairs away. Built-in storage, counter space for cleaning spots and ironing boards are other often-requested amenities.

All of this storage is nice, but it is important to remember that large appliances must be accessible for repairs and inspections. That includes the electrical panel and the water heater which are sometimes found in utility rooms. Because electrical panels are generally gray boxes set close to the wall, it may be tempting to cover them with removable shelving. This is a bad idea and does not meet the requirements for easy-access.

Of course, just because people shouldn’t do something, doesn’t mean it never happens. Dryer vents are often overlooked and should be cleaned out every year to prevent a fire in the duct system and to save $$$ by having it clean means it will dry more efficiently. I have seen these things total plugged!

Fun Facts

1. The Beatles were once known as “Johnny and the Moondogs.”
2. It is estimated that 14 new words are added to the English language every day.
3. The equator lies across 14 different nations.

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